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Why Where You Get Ready Matters

"Guys! Great news... We're going to get ready in a dark church basement! It has these gorgeous low ceilings with flickering fluorescent lights and absolutely no windows which we LOVE. Enjoy sitting on folding chairs and oh yeah-- we can't drink."

Where you get ready matters for SO many reasons.

From a photographer's point of view, the getting ready location is extremely important. Your wedding photographer will most likely start off with you while you're still in the getting ready process. They'll document some hair and makeup, all of the fun you and your friends are having, robe or PJ shots (if applicable) and some awesome shots of you getting into your wedding dress. These pictures will look a thousand times better if you choose a beautiful hotel with a lot of natural lighting!

It totally sets the tone for the whole day if you have a beautiful and fun getting ready location. Plus, after the wedding you'll have a room to stay in that you'll look forward to!

My favorite hotels include:

Advice to brides <3 


Remember to be in the moment! Otherwise the day will fly by.



Hire vendors you love and trust.



Bring an extra pair of comfy shoes :) Just in case...

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