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Pinnacle Golf Club

The first time I ever shot at Pinnacle I'm pretty sure I excitedly whispered "YES" under my breath. I had played golf there many times before, but I had never ventured into their ballroom before. When I saw the giant chandeliers hanging and the windows letting in light from every angle all I could think was "this is perfect".

Perfectly situated next to the ballroom is the ceremony location. When you're getting married and having your reception at Pinnacle you never have to worry about traveling from one location to the next. It's ideal for couples, family members, and your photographer ;)

Another aspect of Pinnacle that I love is that with a lot of venues I get the question "Where should we go to take pictures?" At Pinnacle there's absolutely no reason to leave. Everything we need is here which is great for an easy, stress free day. It allows us to get all of the pictures you want and gives the bride and groom the opportunity to spend more time with their guests and having fun, rather than racing from location to location trying to get pictures done.

The ballroom is absolutely fantastic! And I've never shot a wedding here where people weren't having the best time dancing :)

And here are a few more from past weddings!

Brittany & Chandler <3

Carolyn & Andrew <3

And here are some links to where our Pinnacle Golf Club weddings have been published:

Advice to brides <3 


Remember to be in the moment! Otherwise the day will fly by.



Hire vendors you love and trust.



Bring an extra pair of comfy shoes :) Just in case...

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