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Jackie & Mitch: It's All About the Details

Jackie & Mitch started off our season for 2016... And what a way to do it! Not only are they a gorgeous couple, but their wedding must have inspired Ohio to allow us to have an unseasonably warm day. Any day in January in Columbus, Ohio is usually a very cold one. If you're lucky maybe it's just cold instead of VERY cold. But Jackie & Mitch were lucky enough to have 50 degree weather! It almost made the faux fur shrugs that Jackie gifted to her bridesmaids unncessary!

Because this wedding had so many fantastic details I'm going to focus on those this post! I've photographed close to 100 weddings so not a lot of things surprise me... So I was thrilled when I kept oohing and ahhhing over all of the fun (and unique!) details in Jackie & Mitch's wedding!

I love gold. And I love things that sparkle! This was such a cute addition to their champagne flutes!

Jackie's mom hand made these faux fur shrugs for the bridesmaids! I'm sure that was a huge undertaking! But worth the effort because they're gorgeous!

When considering bridesmaids gifts it's a great idea to get them something that's practical, beautiful, and something that compliments their bridesmaids dresses! I love that Jackie got them faux fur shrugs and these gorgeous clutches! They're big enough to contain all of the essentials without being bulky or distracting.

These wands are perfect! From a photographers point of view these ribbons look great in pictures! Sometimes bubbles don't work out (especially in windy cities!) but these look fantastic every time.

This is so sweet... Jackie used the sleeve of her mother's wedding dress to wrap around her bouquet. It's a really beautiful way to incorporate your "something old" while honoring your parent's marriage! *Make sure you ask permission before cutting up your mother's wedding dress!

Jackie & Mitch were very organized and allowed tons of time between the ceremony and the reception so we could visit several locations! We were really thrilled with the pictures we got at The Athletic Club of Columbus!

Jackie borrowed this gorgeous vintage fur coat from her great aunt! Even though her aunt couldn't be there, something very special to her was, and everyone knew she'd be thrilled to see these pictures!

Jackie & Mitch love skiing! Instead of doing a traditional guestbook they bought antique skiis for guests to sign.

"To Have & To Hold In Case You Get Cold"?!?!?!? I mean seriously... THAT IS ADORABLE. I love love love these blankets embroidered with their date. Not only is it super cute but really practical! It shows that they care about their guests. Fortunately no one really needed the blankets because it was crazy warm for January!

I love these bite sized cupcakes! And it's super fun to watch people try to sneak one before dinner ;)

This cake is perfect. Especially alongside mini cupcakes! It's big enough to cut and to carry their adorable cake topper, but not so big that it dominates the table. And that cake topper?!?!? It's so cute and so personal to them! I love a creative cake topper.

This was a great addition to the bar!

So thoughtful! I was so impressed the whole day with how much love and consideration the couple put into everything. Then I saw this in the bathroom and smiled. This is so nice!

I love when the groom decides not to do a traditional slow song for the mother son dance! It caught everyone by surprise and was really fun to watch (and photograph!)

THESE GLOWSTICKS!!!! YES! I have never seen these huge foam glowsticks before! I was so thrilled when they appeared on the dance floor. Mitch said that one of his college friends asked if he could distribute hundreds of glowsticks and Mitch's response was immediate "Of course!". The great thing about glowsticks or props on the dance floor is that it makes everyone comfortable. Now they have something to "play with" and don't have to worry about what they're doing with their hands. It makes it fun for everyone. And looks this cool in pictures! The dance floor was always full and I think, in part, it was thanks to these fun props!

Mitch played lacrosse and Jackie is an awesome wife... So she incorporated Mitch's love for lacrosse in her bouquet toss! It was extremely effective! She said she was really nervous about it but she pulled it off flawlessly!

Jackie's bridesmaid caught it! And now she's engaged!!! Like, really. Coincidence? Or bouquet magic?

This is apparently a wedding tradition among this group of Wittenberg friends! I also photographed the best man's wedding (who also attended Wittenberg) and they also got a group shot with the Wittenberg flag. I love that they do that!

So many awesome details from such a fun wedding! I told the couple that they should get married every year because this was so fantastic! <3

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Advice to brides <3 


Remember to be in the moment! Otherwise the day will fly by.



Hire vendors you love and trust.



Bring an extra pair of comfy shoes :) Just in case...

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